IUPUI Physics Department
402 N. Blackford St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Research at the NMR Center is on molecular structure and dynamics with focus on biological systems. The Center is constantly looking for interested users from both the IU system and the outside. We offer services for specific NMR measurements as well as expertise for development of pilot studies. If you work on proteins, lipids, or nucleic acids talk to us to find out how NMR can expand your research.

NMR team:

Dr. Horia I. Petrache (Center Director), LD156R, 317-278-6521, hpetrach@iupui.edu.

Dr. Stephen R. Wassall, LD156G, 317-274-6908, swassall@iupui.edu.

Dr. Bruce D. Ray, LD061, 317-274-6914, bray@iupui.edu.

Email Horia Petrache with your questions about pilot studies or request for NMR services.

The NMR Center has two NMR Spectrometers available as follows:

Probes for the Inova-500 are:

Probes for the Unity-300 are:

Both spectrometers are equipped for temperature control

The VT range of the standard PFG probe for the Inova-500 is 5 °C to +60 °C.  The VT range for all other probes listed is -100 °C to +100 °C.

Software packages currently available on various computers include ANSIG, Aqua, ARIA, Atnos/Candid standalone package, AutoAssign, AZARA, CARA, CCPNMR analysis, Garant, Gifa, iNMR, Logic for Structure Determination, MARS, matNMR, MestRe-C, NMRPipe, NMRview, Olivia, ProCheck, Pronto, Sparky, SpinWorks, Spscan, and Swan-MR.  Molecular modeling software available within the department includes Quanta-2000, and Sybyl.